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Every space is crafted with your comfort in mind, blending elegance with modern amenities. Dive into detailed descriptions, explore amenities, and find the perfect haven that speaks to your travel desires. Your journey of relaxation and luxury begins with the right room. Make yourself at home!

Discover Nature’s Elegance: Our Luxury Tents at Kanoka - The Village Resort

Immerse yourself in an enchanting blend of tradition and luxury with the exclusive tents at Kanoka - The Village Resort. Crafted to perfection and set against the timeless backdrop of nature’s splendors, these tents offer the allure of rustic charm combined with modern comforts.

Breathe in the freshness of the countryside as you step into your secluded haven. Every detail inside the tent reflects an authentic village ambiance, complemented by the sophistication of world-class amenities, ensuring an experience that’s both genuine and grand.

Tent Features & Specifications:

  • Room Size: 45 sqm.
  • Bedding: 2x Opulent King-size bed draped in artisanal linens
  • View: Captivating landscapes of the sprawling village greenery
  • Seating: Intimate seating area adorned with handcrafted furnishings
  • Work Desk: A rustic wooden desk, perfect for penning down your thoughts or indulging in a quiet read
  • Bathroom: Luxuriously appointed ensuite with open-air rainfall shower

Amenities & Services:

  • In-Tent Dining: Room service showcasing traditional village delicacies
  • Refreshment Chest: Filled with local herbal teas and artisanal snacks
  • Coffee & Tea Ritual Set: Brew your morning potion at your leisure
  • In-Tent Safe: A traditional lockable chest to secure your treasures
  • Natural Ventilation: Wide, meshed windows ensuring a gentle breeze and protection from the elements
  • Daily Refresh: Traditional village-style upkeep to maintain a pristine environment


The Luxury Tent at Kanoka offers more than just a stay; it's an immersion into a world where tradition meets luxury. Awaken to the soft chirping of birds, enjoy your tea with a view of the sunrise painting the sky, and drift to sleep under a canopy of stars. Perfect for those seeking an authentic village feel without compromising on luxury, these tents are an ideal choice for adventurers, romantics, and anyone looking to reconnect with nature.

Village Extravaganza Package

  • Dine Under the Stars: Private dinner for two, set amidst the fields aside the River, offering a taste of village culinary magic.
  • Cultural Exploration: Join a guided village walk, experiencing the daily life, crafts, and traditions of the local community.
  • Leisurely Departure: Relish a complimentary late checkout until 1:00 PM, ensuring your village experience lasts just a bit longer.
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