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Rejuvenate yourself in the Kanoka Village Resort - a one-of-a-kind haven that lets you experience Assamese culture, tradition and way of life at close quarters. The resort has been designed to give people from all over the world a comfortable stay, where they can also experience local village life, indulge in delicious Assamese Thali and also experience organically and ethnically grown tea, which offers livelihood for so many farmers in this locality.

Kanoka Village Resort – Step Into A Retreat Of Beauty Mixed With Tradition

Step into a resort that is a respite from the busy city crowds, where you can connect with your
inner self through rustic village surroundings complimented by a clean and pristine natural
environment. Opt for our organic farm stay package and enjoy the beauty of a traditional Assam village in the form of hand-built cottages, organic farming, delicious Assam tea and local village life. The resort is designed to be an organic farm stay that enriches your life with natural beauty, clean surroundings, traditional decor and local cuisine.

The local villages are in such close proximity that you can easily walk over to them and see how local farmers live like, experience their traditions and conversations and enjoy their living environment from which you can learn a lot. Unlike other resorts which are nothing but blocks of brick and motor, the focus here is providing a very simple, natural and organic environment. As you walk around the place, you will get to enjoy a clean and pollution-free environment that is very close to nature.


So what you see around is vivid greenery, cottage type accommodation, beautiful poolside and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets everyday like nowhere else. We offer guests an unusual mix of activities that will excite, relax and uplift them, thus making the stay more enjoyable. Book now and enjoy the local culture and festival at close quarters with your family.

Take a break from the mundane urban life and soak yourself in the lap of nature - Kanoka Village Resort.

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