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A nature's haven

Kanoka - The Village Resort

Welcome to our serene Village Resort, where nature's embrace meets heartfelt hospitality. Nestled amidst whispers of trees and the melodies of birds, we at Kanoka, invite you to experience a retreat crafted with love.

Dive deep into nature's tapestry, and let our roots entwine with yours. Your journey of rejuvenation starts here, amidst the artistry of the earth. Revel, relax, and reconnect.

Pranabjyoti Nath

Managing Director



At our multi-cuisine restaurant, we embark on a gastronomic journey that spans the globe. From the vibrant flavors of Rajasthan to the aromatic spices of Nagaland, each dish is a symphony of tastes meticulously curated by our expert chefs.


Traditional Dishes

With every bite, experience the essence of diverse cultures, served in an ambiance that celebrates culinary artistry and tradition.

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20+ Adventure Activites

Embark on outdoor adventures with scenic cycling and refreshing swims. Dive into nature's rhythm and energize your spirit with us.


Tandoor & Live Kitchens

Sizzle and flair come alive at our Tandoor & Live Kitchens. Witness culinary artistry as dishes flame to perfection, blending age-old traditions with fresh innovations. Join us for a tasteful spectacle!