Visit The Pastoral Kanoka Village Resort To Relish The Enchanting Bihu Festival of Assam

Bihu is a beautiful traditional festival which is celebrated by all the people of Assam irrespective of their caste, creed and community. It is one of the state’s critical national festivals, and is made up of three smaller festivals - the Rongali Bihu held in April, Kongali Bihu, celebrated in October and Bihu enjoyed in January. Each of this festival is observed at three different times of the year. Each time the festival celebrations occur, it goes for up to seven days.

Kanoka Village Resort – the place to best experience Assam’s Bihu Festival

As this is a local festival, it can be understood where you mix with local villagers. Drench yourself in this enchanting festival by booking accommodation in majestic Kanoka Village Resort. Situated at Panchnoi, Sonitpur it’s the perfect space to get away from the madding crowd and engulf yourself in the lushness of nature, clean air, calmness and serenity.

It is the best place to experience rural Assam, enjoy the real rustic flavour of Assam at its best and get to know the local culture in-depth. You can enjoy the majestic view of mountain surroundings, and though this resort is set right in the heart of the rural area, it has the best guest comforts and facilities such as modern rooms, room service, airport shuttle, car hire, bicycle rental, laundry, banquet facilities, internet etc. Pets are allowed, and there is also the provision of free parking. Some of the many activities that can be enjoyed here include fishing, swimming, cycling and various types of indoor sports.

Such is the location of the resort that you can move out of its easily and mix with local villagers which can be a transforming experience especially during the Bihu festival. During the festival’s celebrations, you can see villagers showcasing the best of their folk dance and music, dressed colourfully, preparing delicious local food and carrying out elaborate traditional rituals.

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