Responsible Tourism

Kanoka Village resort supports the concept of responsible tourism and brings to you the beauty and joy of it through its rustic village settings and delicious Assamese tea that simply cannot be enjoyed anywhere else.

How Does Kanoka Village Resort Contribute To Responsible Tourism?

Our aim here is to offer an environment that is close to nature, but without disturbing it. Hence inside the resort, you will find pleasant green surroundings... amidst which are the most beautiful cottages, hand-built but with the most important modern guest facilities.

As part of responsible tourism, we provide guests ethically and organically grown tea, showing how much we appreciate and also take care of the environment around us. The tea is grown by farmers using traditional techniques and without the use of fertilisers, thus retaining its purity and lovely taste. We also offer the tea in various flavors enabling you to fully enjoy it many more ways than just the traditional black tea. During food preparation we make use of fresh, organically grown vegetables that are collected everyday from farmers. Our aim is to provide guests with delicious food that has the best nutrients and in doing so make use of crops collected from villagers which offers them a source of livelihood. Beverages like coffee and tea are likewise made using fresh milk collected from the

village close by, thus providing them with a demand that they have to cater everyday. Products are purchased from farmers in a fair price so that they get what is the real value of their output. We also have a souvenir store in which items made by rural craftsman and local womenfolk are available, which offers them a source of income and also spreads awareness about unique, hand-made Assamese handicrafts.

We are setup in a location that is far away from the city, amidst a pollution-free zone, where you can nothing but vast greenness and forests around. The sunrises, sunsets, unusual birds and various type of flora are simply enchanting and also invite you for exploration. The Panchnoi River is close by where you can fish, take photos and of course, walk to explore the place.

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