Relish Delectable and Mouth-Watering Assamese Delicacies

Assam, the land of forest, temples, tea gardens, magic, rich ethnicity, varied culture and of

course mouth-watering delicacies.

Its ethnic heritage and varied cultural diversity clearly reflect in its mouth-watering

delicacies. So let's take a tour to Assam's rich mouth-watering dining table!

• Masor Tenga:

A very vital and common recipe in the Assamese household. Prepared with fish and tomato or lemon which lends itself the tangy flavour. This mouth-watering delicacy can be synonymous with the tangy and refreshing gossips of the neighbourhood which indeed adds ‘spice’ to our ‘monotonous life’.

• Alu- Koni Pitika:

Like masor tenga is a vital delicacy, ‘alu koni pitika’ is the basic

daily delicacy. No doubt mashed potato is famous all over the world but this

combination of mashed egg and potato can only be relished by the Assamese people.

This basic food delicacy is very much synonymous with the simple people of Assam.

• Baanhgajor logot Gahuri/Kukura:

This non-veg delicacy is sure to set in the festive mood in the minds of Assamese people. Pork/chicken prepared with bamboo shoot and few pieces of Bhoot Jolokia is that cuisine of the state which is sure to bring a smile in the face. This delicacy gets a complete 5 star in terms of its spicy and mouth-watering palette.

• Pitha:

The most important aspect of Assamese cuisine, pithas is synonymous with

Bihu, the ethnic Assamese festival. Mostly prepared with rice powder, coconut and

sesame, this category serves a wide palette of delicacy from malpuas, tilor laru,

narikol laru to sunga pitha and many more.

• Axomiya Payokh:

As the five-course meal comes to an end, the final dish is sweet as

the language of Assam. Payokh, prepared with rice, milk and dry fruits is the basic

sweet dish of the Assamese people, no festival, and function gets over without the Payokh in the end.

Enjoy all the traditional delicacies of Assam at the Kanoka Village Resort – ‘Abode amidst nature’.

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