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Step Into A Retreat Of Beauty Mixed With Tradition

Rejuvenate yourself in the Kanoka Village Resort - a one-of-a-kind haven that lets you experience Assamese culture, tradition and way of life at close quarters.


The resort has been designed to give people from all over the world a comfortable stay, where they can also experience local village life, indulge in delicious Assamese Thali and also experience organically and ethnically grown tea, which offers livelihood for so many farmers in this locality.

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Based in a riverside village (Panchnoi), all away from the city in the most peaceful place you could ever find, surrounded by the Green palm trees!

Go for Fishing, or go cycling for a day in the nearby village, you can also spend the day exploring by the riverside too!

Why Kanoka?

Your visit at Kanoka will be the one that you will always remember.




A lot of outdoor and indoor activities for you to enjoy your stay at Kanoka, Play a few shots of badminton, or gather up your courage and do the Burma bridge, and a lot more activities!

Traditional Culture



Enjoy your stay at Kanoka with a Traditional meal menu, all our Rooms are designed in relation with traditional Assamese homes.

You can also enjoy the cultural program held on all Sundays at Kanoka Village Resort, includes Bihu and Jhoomoor.

Day Outing Package

Packages starting from 499!

Enjoy your day at Kanoka, with all the fun filled activities - Horse Riding, Archery, Boating, Burma Bridge and a lots more! You can also enjoy our ethnic traditional meal included along with the Package.


Activities At Kanoka