Kanoka Village Resort offers a wide range of activities that you can take up to rejuvenate yourself and enjoy time with your family members. These activities have been designed with the aim of giving a guest the best enjoyment during their stay, involving them in sporting activities where they can become close to nature and give them maximum fun, excitement with one another through races and challenges. There is a sporting option for every interest and skill, so have fun, enjoy and relax. Our list of activities includes:

• Cycling - Take a ride around our beautiful tea garden where you can enjoy the smell of our delicious tea and enjoy a pristine natural environment and even go for a tour in the village!

• Badminton/Volleyball - Take time off in the evening playing with your partner or with other skilled guest players in the resort.

• Water Balloons - Get splashing in the waters by throwing a water balloon, an activity meant for adults only.

• Tree Planting - Try your hand in gardening by planting a tree, and help to make the world a better place to ‘breathe in’. Plant a tree at Kanoka Village Resort and get it named after you.

• Kid Activities - Kids can enjoy plenty of fun and action through a series of games
specially designed for them to revive the parent-child bonding which is diminishing in today’s digital world. Activities like scrabble, carom, chess works both as a learning and fun activity.

• Fun in Water – Water-oriented activities that you can indulge in our swimming and fishing. Kids can relish these fun water activities too but only under parental guidance.

• Movie ‘under the stars’ - Nothing more romantic or fun than watching movies under the stars. Indulge yourself in the most heart-warming activity and let all your worries wade off under the magical star and calm atmosphere


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